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The Core

Thrilled to embark on this fresh journey and to share some of the fascinating experiences that life and adventures have afforded me. This space will be a platform to exchange insights and experiences that I’ve found beneficial in my life’s journey.

Despite the name “The Stuff Men Like”, I want to emphasize that the information and insights shared on this blog are not exclusively for men. The title is born out of my personal experiences and perspective as a male, but the content transcends gender boundaries.

My aim is to create an inclusive space where all individuals can find value. Whether you’re a fellow food enthusiast, a proud parent, a homebody, an adventurer, or someone seeking financial advice, there’s something here for you. The insights, reviews, and tips I share are universal and I welcome and value input from all perspectives.

The primary focus of this blog revolves around my day-to-day interests. I plan to share insightful information on the following key areas:

Men’s Corner

“How To” Guide

· Food

· Adventure

· For the Home

· Money

About Me

I consider myself extremely blessed to be engaged in a line of work that not only provides personal fulfillment but also allows me to explore various parts of the country. Being a part of the fitness team in a professional sports organization, I have the opportunity to visit numerous cities, stay in some of the best hotels, and dine at outstanding restaurants. A personal project of mine is to seek out the best burgers and restaurants across the nation, chronicling these culinary journeys. By sharing these food and travel experiences, my hope is to offer some useful recommendations that may benefit you in your own travels.

My Passions

To start off, I am an absolute FOODIE! My travels often revolve around tracking down the best burger joints in town. My culinary adventures extend to experimenting with new recipes at home and are an integral part of my content. I spend considerable time grilling in my backyard during the quieter months and look forward to sharing my grilling setup, along with some handy tips and tricks.

My passion for ADVENTURE knows no bounds. My travels are not limited to plush hotel stays but also include camping trips that bring me closer to the great outdoors. I plan to share my expertise in selecting the right camping gear and offer recommendations to help elevate your camping adventures.

Fatherhood has been the greatest journey of my life. I’ll be sharing tidbits From a Dad’s Perspective, including worthwhile products that have been beneficial in my quest to be the best dad possible.

I’ll also be offering insights For the Home. This includes product reviews, innovative ideas, setups, garage gym essentials, holiday decoration tips, Man Cave essentials, and much more.

Let’s talk about finances. I believe in smart spending, leveraging credit cards to maximize points on every dollar spent. If you’re not earning at least 3 points per dollar, then I’ve got tips for you! Start planning your next vacation with points and save big!

Wrapping Up

I am thrilled to have you join me on this exciting journey where food, travel, fatherhood, home essentials, and financial wisdom intersect. I’ll be sharing my experiences and insights, hoping to inspire and empower you in your own adventures. Whether that’s finding the best burger in town, setting up a cozy man cave, navigating through the challenges of fatherhood, or flipping every dollar into points, I’m here to guide you. Buckle up for an exciting ride through my world of adventures, experiences, and life hacks!