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Man transitioning from a stubble to a long full beard, demonstrating diverse beard styles for men 2024.

Choosing an appropriate beard styles for men is paramount, as it can dramatically alter their look and mode of self-expression. Men have a multitude of beard styles to choose from, including short beard styles that are synonymous with class and style, to medium beard styles that perfectly blend refinement with a touch of masculinity. For those who are bold enough, long beard styles offer an audacious and unique look. Keep an eye out for the latest trends such as the mens beard styles 2024, certain to redefine the realm of male grooming.

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Let’s dive into the world of short beard styles first. These short beard styles are a great choice for men who prefer a clean, polished look while still making a distinct style statement. Short beard styles are versatile, suited for both casual and professional settings, and easier to maintain compared to their longer counterparts, making them one of the top beard styles for men.

Next, we step into the realm of medium beard styles. These medium beard styles are perfect for men who wish to exhibit a sense of ruggedness, without compromising on class. Medium beard styles are adaptable, allowing you to tweak and shape the beard to match your facial features, thus enhancing your overall look. These medium beard styles are projected to feature prominently in the lineup of mens beard styles 2024.

Finally, for the brave hearts who love to make a bold statement, long beard styles are the way to go. These long beard styles exude an aura of majesty and dominance, setting apart the wearers in any crowd. Long beard styles, though requiring a higher degree of maintenance and care, are an excellent option for those desiring to fully express their individuality. Predictably, the popularity of these long beard styles for men will continue into 2024 and beyond.

Man with a short beard, displaying short beard styles for men 2024

Top Short Beard Styles for 2024

The Stubble Beard – A Versatile Choice Among Short Beard Styles

Championed by many as the epitome of masculinity and rugged charm, the Stubble Beard has consistently ranked high in the list of popular short beard styles for men. Although seemingly effortless, it adds a certain edge to the wearer’s look, making it one of the top men’s short beard styles 2024.

Celebrities Who Love the Stubble Beard: From Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney to the charismatic Idris Elba, many celebrities have been spotted sporting the stubble beard. This style has made numerous appearances on red carpets, proving that it’s a hit among A-listers.

George Clooney sporting a short stubble, one of the popular short beard styles for men.

Is the Stubble Beard the Right Choice for You? Stubble beards are versatile and suit almost every face shape, making them a go-to for many men. Whether you have a round, square, or oval face, this style can add definition and structure. Its adaptability and ease of maintenance make it an ideal choice for those seeking a casual yet sophisticated look.

How to Achieve the Stubble Beard Look: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Start by growing your facial hair for a few days until you achieve short stubble.
  2. Use a trimmer set at 3-5mm for a uniform stubble length.
  3. Trim along the neck and cheek lines to maintain a neat appearance.
  4. Moisturize your face and stubble regularly to keep it soft and healthy.
Beard trimmer, best for short beard styles.
Beard oil, best for short beard styles.
Beard Balm, best for short beard styles.
Razor, best for short beard styles.

All these products are readily available on Amazon to help you maintain your stubble beard in top condition.

The Goatee: A Classic Entry in Men’s Short Beard Styles for 2024

The goatee is a classic inclusion in top short beard styles and is making a strong comeback in men’s beard styles 2024. This style is worn around the chin like a billy goat’s beard, which is how it got its name.

Celebrities Who Have Donned the Goatee: Various admired celebrities, from Johnny Depp to Brad Pitt, have been seen bearing the goatee. This short beard style has been a staple at premieres and award ceremonies, adding a touch of ruggedness to the polished Hollywood look.

Is the Goatee the Right Choice for You? Goatees are highly adaptable, they work well with most face shapes, and are particularly flattering for square or rectangular faces. They provide a distinctive look without requiring as much maintenance as a full beard, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a noticeable yet manageable beard style.

How to Achieve the Goatee Look: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Let your facial hair grow until you have enough to shape a goatee.
  2. Use a trimmer to shape the goatee, focusing on the chin and mustache area.
  3. Shave the rest of your face to maintain the specific goatee shape.
  4. Keep your goatee moisturized and soft with regular application of beard oil or balm.
Trimmer, best for short beard styles.
Beard oil, best for short beard styles.
Beard cream, best for short beard styles.
Razor, best for short best for short beard styles.

All of these products are a click away on Amazon, making it easy to keep your goatee looking sharp and tidy. With the goatee among the top men’s short beard styles for 2024, it’s time to consider if this classic short beard style is the right look for you.

The chinstrap beard is making a comeback in men’s fashion as one of the most popular short beard styles. This short beard style, characterized by a thin line of facial hair that traces the jawline, has been embraced by fashion-conscious men seeking a sharp, well-defined look.

50 Cent showing off a short beard style, specifically the chin strap beard style.

Celebrities Who Have Rocked the Chinstrap Beard: Famous personalities have not been immune to the allure of the chinstrap beard. Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, sported a chinstrap in the movie ‘The Revenant,’ giving the style a rustic, outdoorsy appeal. Ashton Kutcher is another celebrity who has been seen with a chinstrap, adding a youthful and trendy twist to his casual looks. 50 Cent, the renowned rapper, also wore this beard style, adding to his strong and distinctive persona. In essence, the chinstrap beard is flexible and versatile, capable of accentuating a variety of personal styles and enhancing any look.

Is the Chinstrap the Right Choice for You? Chinstraps work best with oval or round face shapes, as they help to create an illusion of length and accentuate the jawline. So, if you’re looking for a stylish and modern look among the mens short beard styles 2024, chinstrap could be your go-to option.

How to Achieve the Chinstrap Look: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Let your facial hair grow out for a few days until you’ve got a good base for a beard.
  2. Use a precision trimmer to shape the chinstrap along your jawline.
  3. Maintain a clean shave on your cheeks and neck to highlight the chinstrap beard.
  4. Regularly apply beard oil or balm to keep your chinstrap beard conditioned and neat.
Trimmer, best for short beard styles.
Beard oil, best for short beard styles.
Beard balm, best for short beard styles.
Razoer, best for short beard styles.

These products, swiftly delivered to your doorstep via Amazon, will ensure your chinstrap looks neat and sharp. As one of the top trending short beard styles for men in 2024, the chinstrap beard offers a fresh, modern aesthetic for those seeking stylish short beard styles.

Man with a medium beard, featuring medium beard styles for men 2024

Top Medium Beard Styles for 2024

The Full Beard: Embracing the Medium Beard Styles

A full beard is a timeless classic, projecting an aura of maturity and wisdom. Its popularity among medium beard styles is undisputed, continuously making waves in the mens beard styles 2024. If you’re seeking a bolder and more masculine look, the full beard could be your perfect medium beard styles match.

Celebrities Embracing the Full Beard Style: Several celebrities have wholeheartedly embraced the full beard style, adding an extra layer of charm to their personalities. Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal’s full beard has often been the talk of the red carpet, while the likes of Idris Elba and Jon Hamm have also fully committed to this look. Even beyond Hollywood, sports stars such as David Beckham and Alex Ovechkin have sported full beards, demonstrating the universal appeal of this classic beard style.

Jake Gyllenhaal showcasing medium beard styles, displaying a full beard for men.

Is a Full Beard the Right Choice for You? A full beard suits most face shapes, enhancing your facial features and providing a well-defined structure. It’s an ideal choice for those who desire a versatile style that allows for a range of appearances, from rugged to refined.

Achieving the Full Beard Look: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Patience is key, allow your beard to grow out for several weeks to get the full effect.
  2. Trim your beard to even out the length and maintain its shape.
  3. Regularly clean and hydrate your beard to ensure it stays healthy and shiny.
  4. Apply a quality beard balm or oil to keep your beard soft and manageable.
Trimmer, best for mediuam beard styles.
Beard balm, best for medium beard styles.
Beard conditioner, best for medium beard styles.
Razor, best for medium beard styles.

These products, along with consistent care and maintenance, will help you achieve a well-groomed full beard. As part of the top medium beard styles for men in 2024, the full beard promises a grand and authoritative presence, adding a distinctive edge to your personal style.

The Van Dyke Beard: An Iconic look in Medium Beard Styles

The Van Dyke beard, a timeless addition to the medium beard styles, is celebrated for its distinctive and refined aura. It features a disconnected mustache and a pointed beard, creating a stunning contrast that highlights the facial features. This style, named after the 17th-century artist Anthony Van Dyck, demands precision grooming to maintain its sharp edges and neat appearance. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking to break the monotony of conventional medium beard styles for men, bringing a dash of artistic flair and sophistication.

Johnny Depp showcasing short beard styles for men, specifically the Van Dyke beard style.

Celebrities with the Van Dyke Beard Style: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and David Beckham have all sported the Van Dyke beard, demonstrating its flexibility to suit different aesthetics. The charm of this style lies in its adaptability, complementing both casual and formal looks with equal panache.

Who is the Van Dyke Style For? The Van Dyke beard is especially flattering for gentlemen with round and square face shapes, as it elongates the face and balances out the proportions. It’s an excellent choice for those who can grow a full mustache and goatee but struggle with cheek growth. This style is also a perfect pick for men who appreciate the classic fusion of tradition and trend, making it one of the most anticipated medium beard styles of 2024.

Achieving the Van Dyke Beard Look: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Let your mustache and chin hair grow out until they gain a substantial length.
  2. Trim the facial hair into the shape of the Van Dyke beard, keeping the mustache and goatee disconnected.
  3. Shave off the rest of the face, maintaining the sharpness of the beard’s edges.
  4. Keep the beard clean and moisturized for a healthy and shiny appearance.
Trimmer, best for medium beard styles.
Beard balm, best for medium beard styles.
Beard oil, best for medium beard styles.
Razor, best for medium beard styles.

The Van Dyke beard is more than just a style; it’s a statement of elegance and individuality. With the right care and grooming products, you can achieve and maintain this iconic medium beard style, ensuring a stylish presence in 2024 and beyond.

Balbo Beard: The Showstopper among Mens Medium Beard Styles 2024

The Balbo beard, a distinctive member on our list of medium beard styles, is a versatile and stylish look that has been sported by many iconic personalities. This beard style is characterized by a floating mustache and a beard that covers the chin and extends along the jawline, with a clean-shaven area around the sideburns. It’s a unique beard style that stands out in the crowd, making it a popular choice among medium beard styles for men.

Robert Downey Junior with a medium beard, exemplifying the Balbo, one of the popular medium beard styles for men

Celebrities Sporting the Balbo Beard Style: The Balbo beard has graced the faces of many renowned personalities, adding a unique charm to their looks. Robert Downey Jr., famously known for playing Iron Man, is one of the most prominent figures who has donned this beard style, making it an integral part of his iconic persona.

Who is the Balbo beard style for? The Balbo beard is best suited for men with square or round face shapes, as it adds length and angles to the face, providing a more defined structure. The style is also perfect for those with a strong chin as it emphasizes this facial feature. It requires a good amount of facial hair, making it an excellent choice for those who can grow a thick, full beard.

Achieving the Balbo Beard Look: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Let your facial hair grow for at least 4 weeks until you have a good amount to work with.
  2. Shave off your sideburns and narrow your facial hair down into the shape of the Balbo beard.
  3. Carefully shape the beard around your mouth to create distinct sections.
  4. Keep the beard clean and moisturized for a healthy and shiny appearance.
Trimmer used for mens beard styles.
Beard oil used for mens beard styles 2024.
Beard Brush, helpful with all beard styles for men.
Beard balm, best for all mens beard styles.

The Balbo beard, with its distinctive and stylish look, is sure to rule mens beard styles in 2024. With the right grooming technique and products, you can flawlessly pull off this style and make a statement.

Man with a long beard, highlighting long beard styles for men 2024.

Top Long Beard Styles for 2024

The Garibaldi Beard: A Bold Choice Among Long Beard Styles

For those who favor a more natural, rugged look, the Garibaldi Beard is one of the standout long beard styles for men that’s expected to be trending in mens beard styles 2024. Characterized by a wide, round base and a full mustache, this style is the epitome of a perfect long beard style. Its length and fullness give it a distinctive presence, and it’s an excellent choice for men who can grow a full, thick beard and prefer a slightly untamed look.

Celebrities Sporting the Garibaldi Beard Style: Celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Affleck have been seen sporting this robust beard style, further cementing its place in popular beard trends. Their versions of the Garibaldi Beard add a touch of ruggedness to their refined personas, demonstrating the versatility of long beard styles.

Is the Garibaldi Beard Right for You? The Garibaldi Beard is ideal for those with oval or rectangular face shapes, as the roundness of the beard can balance and soften the angular features. It requires a good beard growth rate and density, as the style involves a full, thick beard that extends up to 20cm. This style truly shines when the beard is allowed to grow naturally, though regular trimming is necessary to maintain the round shape at the bottom.

Achieving the Garibaldi Beard Look: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Allow your beard to grow naturally for several months to achieve the necessary length and fullness.
  2. Maintain the natural roundness of the beard by trimming the sides gradually.
  3. Regularly trim the mustache to keep it neat and prevent it from covering the upper lip.
  4. Keep the bottom of the beard rounded by careful trimming, but retain the natural, slightly wild appearance overall.
Trimmer, best for long beard styles.
Conditioner, best for long beard styles.
Comb best for long beard styles.
Shampoo best for long beards.

With the right care and grooming routine, the Garibaldi Beard can be a show-stopping addition to your personal style.

The Bandholz Beard: An clasic look in Long Beard Styles

The Bandholz beard is a trendsetter in long beard styles and has been a significant highlight of mens beard styles 2024. This full, elongated beard style is named after its influencer, Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand. It features a mustache that seamlessly integrates into the beard, creating a unified, robust look. The beard extends beyond the chin, allowing for natural growth and adding an element of rugged sophistication to the wearer’s persona.

Jason Momoa representing the long beard styles with his Bandholz Beard Style.

Celebrities with the Bandholz Beard Style: Prominent figures like Chris Millington and Jason Momoa have successfully sported the Bandholz beard, adding to its popularity. Their adoption of this style has significantly influenced long beard styles for men, making it a top choice in long beard styles.

Who is the Bandholz Style For? The Bandholz beard is an excellent pick for men with oval and rectangle face shapes, as it adds fullness and contours the jawline effectively. If you have good beard growth and are patient enough to let it grow, this style is worth considering. It’s an ideal choice for individuals aiming for a masculine look with a touch of enigma.

Achieving the Bandholz Beard Look: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Let your beard grow out naturally for several months to gain the required length.
  2. Trim the beard evenly to maintain its thickness and length, while keeping the mustache well-groomed.
  3. Allow the beard to grow below the chin, embracing its natural course.
  4. Use a quality beard comb to keep the beard tangle-free and neat.
Beard oil for long beards.
Bead conditioner.
Brush for long beards.
Shampoo and conditioniner for beards.

Embrace the Bandholz beard style to make a striking statement and enhance your style quotient.

Ducktail Beard: An Iconic Long Beard Style

The Ducktail beard, one of the most popular long beard styles, is a perfect blend of sophistication and ruggedness. It resembles the tail of a duck, with the beard pointing downwards at the chin, while the sideburns are trimmed shorter. Perfect for those targeting a look that’s in between casual and formal, this beard style for men has been a perennial favorite and shows no signs of dwindling popularity as we head into 2024.

Leonardo Dicaprio showing off one of our most popular long mens beard styles, the Ducktail Beard.

Celebrities Sporting the Ducktail Beard: Many well-known personalities have embraced this beard style. One of the most notable is Leonardo DiCaprio, who sported a perfectly maintained Ducktail beard in the film Django Unchained. Bradley Cooper is another actor who has been seen with this beard style, lending it an extra touch of Hollywood glamour.

Is the Ducktail Beard Style for You? The Ducktail beard style suits men with oval or rectangular face shapes, as it accentuates the jawline and gives the face a more elongated appearance. Men with a strong jawline can pull off this style particularly well. It’s also a great choice for those with patchy beard growth, as the longer length can cover any bare spots. This style is not just for men with a knack for grooming; it’s also a perfect choice for those who simply love to grow their beard long and free.

Achieving the Ducktail Beard Look: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Allow your beard to grow until you have a decent length; usually 3-4 months should do.
  2. Trim the sides of your beard shorter while leaving the hair on your chin longer to create the ‘ducktail’ effect.
  3. Regularly comb your beard to prevent it from tangling and to maintain its shape.
  4. Trim any stray hairs to keep the shape neat and tidy.
Beard oil for long beards.
The best beard comb and brush set.
Beard Wash
Beard balm for long beards.

Embrace the Ducktail beard style and become a trendsetter in men’s long beard styles for 2024!

Beard Maintenance Tips

Caring for your beard involves practices that keep it healthy, vibrant and well-groomed, irrespective of whether it’s part of the short beard styles, medium beard styles, or long beard styles. The routine starts with keeping your beard clean. Washing it regularly helps remove any dirt, grime, or oil build-up that could potentially damage your beard or skin. However, be cautious not to over-wash, as it could lead to dryness.

Trimming is another crucial aspect of beard maintenance. Regular trims, whether you’re sporting a style from the medium beard styles or long beard styles list, contribute to a neat appearance and healthy beard growth. It’s essential to use a sharp, high-quality trimmer for this purpose to ensure precision and avoid any unnecessary damage to your beard.

Assortment of beard grooming products for maintaining men's beard styles.

For those showcasing long beard styles 2024, moisturizing your beard is integral to keeping it soft and manageable. Beard oil plays a crucial role in this department, providing essential nourishment to your beard, reducing itchiness, and promoting healthier growth.

Lastly, don’t forget the power of a good combing session. A quality beard comb can help distribute beard oil evenly, detangle your beard, and keep it looking neat and tidy. Whether you’re interested in beard styles for men that are short beard styles, medium beard styles, or long beard styles, a comb is an indispensable tool in your beard grooming arsenal.


In conclusion, the landscape of beard styles for men has seen a resurgence of classic designs coupled with fresh and innovative aesthetics. The short beard styles have garnered significant attention for their neat, understated elegance. These styles are perfect for individuals who prefer maintaining a sophisticated yet low-maintenance look. On the other hand, medium beard styles strike a balance between casual and manicured, providing versatility for various occasions and outfits.

For those unafraid to make a bold statement, long beard styles continue to reign supreme in the realm of masculinity. These long beard styles demand commitment and care, but the payoff is a distinguished, impactful presence that’s hard to ignore. The mens beard styles 2024, in particular, have seen a blend of tradition and contemporary trends, resulting in unique looks that cater to a wide range of personal preferences.

Regardless of whether you opt for short beard styles, medium beard styles, or long beard styles, one thing remains constant – the need for proper maintenance. A well-groomed beard is not merely about aesthetics; it’s a testament to personal hygiene and care. So, embrace the beard style that suits you best, and remember, a healthy, well-maintained beard always makes a good impression.

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